💡 Research Topics

My research areas are: empirical software engineering 📈, software security 🔒, software obfuscation, software birthmarks, and software watermarks. My research topics are as follows. Note that my achievements is listed on my laboratory page.

Feb 15, 2020
Fast comparisons of the birthmarks
🏷️birthmarkstheft detectionautomation
Jan 27, 2020
Identifying the applied obfuscator
🏷️evaluating obfuscationopcodesidentifiers
Oct 20, 2019
Development support bot
🏷️MSRproject analysis
Sep 20, 2019
Project as a City
🏷️MSRproject analysisGitHub
Jul 15, 2019
Auto-extraction of Dynamic Birthmarks
🏷️birthmarkstheft detectionautomationaspect oriented programming
Apr 15, 2019
De-obfuscate IRM
🏷️evaluating obfuscationobfuscationidentifiers